South African Surfaces

Great Expectation no. 6

From a series of 30 works | 2008 – 2017 (Work in progress)

Edition | 8 + 2 AP | signed and numbered
Object framed pigment prints 53 x 43 cm or 63 x 53 cm

About twenty years after the assumed dissolution of apartheid Müller Jansen investigates the changes in the urban landscape around Cape Town. South African Surfaces (Great Expectations) is Daniel Müller Jansens third series on this subject. After there is me & there is you and Overexposed this series will focus on the fast transition of South Africas urban culture between post-apartheid and globalisation. The end of apartheid created great expectations for the majority of South Africans in terms of political, but also social and economic change…

Read an interview between gallery owner Esther Niebel and Daniel Müller Jansen about South Africa and his two first series there is me & there is you and Overexposed in (English) or (German).


Great Expectation no. 15

More pictures will be available soon.

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