Overexposed no. 2 Daniel Müller Jansen

Borders / Grenzen (Group Exhibition)
DAM – Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany

6 May 2017 – 6 August 2017
Opening reception | May 5, 7pm
Opening hours | Tu, Th – Su 11am – 6pm and We 11am – 8pm

A lavishly illustrated catalogue will be available.

Series | Overexposed
Link | Architekturbild e.V.
Link | DAM – Deutsches Architekturmuseum


Daniel Mueller Jansen

Page Impressions (Exhibition)
Museum of Applied Arts Cologne

Page Impressions, at Museum of Applied Arts Cologne, features a selection of more than fifty international photography magazines, which take as their curatorial subject, documentary- and fine art photography.

Two of these displayed magazines published my series I blame you not – the HANT Magazine in 2016 and the Album Magazine in 2012.

The audience is invited to touch and leaf through the pages of the magazines displayed at the Designlounge, so as to get a better sense of each curatorial project and each issue as a whole. Every publication is exhibited with an accompanying information sheet, describing the different histories, ideas and production processes.

20 September 2016 – 25 September 2016
Opening hours | Tu – Su 11am – 5pm

Series | I blame you not
Link | Museum of Applied Arts Cologne
Link | Page Impressions


Daniel Müller Jansen - Auferstanden aus Ruinen-19

Fotografie / Photography (Group Exhibition)
Georg Brückmann, Daniel Müller Jansen, Erik and Julia Weiser
The Grass Is Greener Gallery, Leipzig, Germany

24 June 2016 – 30 July 2016
Opening reception | June 24, 7pm

The show will also be included to the F/STOP festival.
25 June 2016 – 3 July 2016

Series | Risen from Ruins (Auferstanden aus Ruinen)
Link | The Grass Is Greener Gallery


Daniel Müller Jansen - I blame you not - Aqua-1

HANT Nr. 7 | Bund fürs Leben (German Publication)
HANT Magazin für Fotografie | June 2016

Release Party at the .txt Literary Festival, Erfurt, Germany
June 11th at 7:30pm

Series | I blame you not
Link | HANT Magazin


Daniel Mueller Jansen - Becoming One Chapter II no. 7

Schau_Platz_Stadt (Two Person Exhibition with Susanne Lauer)
Geyso20, Braunschweig, Germany

11 March 2016 – 29 April 2016
Opening reception | March 11, 7pm

The exhibition will be officially opened with greetings and speeches by Nina Roskamp (art director Geyso20) and Christof Kaldonek (dramaturg).

Series | Becoming One Chapter II
Link | Gallery and Atelier Geyso20


Daniel Müller Jansen - Diffuse Vertrautheit

EIKON # 93 | Observations on the Periphery (Austrian Publication)
International Magazine for Photography and Media ArtFebruary 2016

Text | Casual Living – Fleeting Passages by Andrea Gnam
Artists | Robert Harding Pittman, Joachim Hildebrand, Daniel Müller Jansen, Jean Claude Mouton, Joachim Schumacher, Margherita Spiluttini, Daniel Stemmrich, Gerhard Vormwald

Series | Diffuse Vertrautheit | Diffuse Familiarity
Link | EIKON Magazine



L-MAG | Perverses Paradies (German Publication)
Das Magazin für Lesben | January 2016

Text | Leila van Rinsum
Images | Daniel Müller Jansen

Series | South African Surfaces and there is me & there is you
Link | L-MAG Magazin


Overexposed no. 2 Daniel Müller Jansen

Cospeda – South Africa (Two Person Exhibition with Sebastian Jung)
The Grass Is Greener Gallery, Leipzig, Germany

6 November 2015 – 9 January 2016
Opening reception | November 6, 7pm

Series | Overexposed and there is me & there is you
Link | The Grass Is Greener Gallery

Read an interview between gallery owner Esther Niebel and Daniel Müller Jansen about South Africa and his two series there is me & there is you and Overexposed in (English) or (German).


Daniel Müller Jansen - Series: I blame you not – The Portrait Series

PIN UP ! (Group Exhibition)
Pavlov´s Dog Gallery, Berlin, Germany

19 February 2015 – 21 March 2015
Opening reception | February 19, 7pm

Series | I blame you not – The Portrait Series
Link | Pavlov´s Dog


Daniel Müller Jansen - Series: there is me & there is you

Die Bilder, die ich rief (Group Exhibition / Gallery opening)
The Grass Is Greener Gallery, Leipzig, Germany

10 January 2015 – 28 February 2015
Opening reception | January 10, 11am

Series | there is me & there is you
Link | The Grass Is Greener Gallery


Daniel Müller Jansen - Series: Overexposed
New Projects | Projektzeit (Group Exhibition)
Wissenschaftspark, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

28 November 2014 – 21 February 2015
Opening reception | November 28, 7pm

Series | Overexposed
Link | Projektzeit


Daniel Müller Jansen - Series: Diffuse Vertrautheit

Focus of Attention | Im Brennpunkt (Group Exhibition)
Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallinn, Estonia

12 July 2014 – 31 August 2014
Opening reception | July 12, 6pm

Series | Diffuse Vertrautheit | Diffuse Familiarity
Link | Museum of Estonian Architecture


Daniel Müller Jansen - Series: Overexposed
Realities | Realitäten (Two Person Exhibition with Georg Brückmann)
Gallery Queen Anne, Leipzig, Germany

6 June 2014 – 19 July 2014
Opening reception | June 6, 5pm

Series | Overexposed
Link | Gallery Queen Anne

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